Trust Me, I'm a Banker

Trust Me, I'm a Banker

by David Charters (Author)


His wife has left him. He's tried to kill his boss. He's probably going to lose his job. His annual bonus was embarrassingly small. Could life get any worse for Dave Hart, anti-hero of the investment banking world? Following an unlikely turn of events on a Jamaican beach, Dave finds himself catapulted from zero to hero through the magic of the tabloid press. He's soon strutting into ailing German bank Grossbank, determined to shake up its fusty 'old school' banking and start taking some proper risks. And some drugs. And of course plenty of entertainment at the Pussy Cat Club. After all, we all need to wind down and investment bankers are more wound up than most. Trust Me, I'm a Banker is a brutal, sometimes cynical, but always hilarious take on the world of high finance which will delight fans and new readers alike.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: Elliott & Thompson Limited
Published: 12 Jun 2009

ISBN 10: 190402775X
ISBN 13: 9781904027751
Book Overview: * The SECOND title in the cult Dave Hart series.; * A wickedly funny, biting satire of the City's financial world, with billions of pounds, indulgent excess and a fast-paced, compulsive plot.; * Highly promotable author with extensive inside knowledge of the financial world.; * A global plot covering all of the world's major financial destinations.; * Attractive price point of GBP6.99.

Author Bio
David Charters is a former diplomat and investment banker, who left the City after twelve years of working on many of the largest international flotations and privatisations. He has published six novels and is best known for his best-selling Dave Hart series, of which The Ego Has Landed is the third instalment.