The Hebrides, The: Habitable Land

The Hebrides, The: Habitable Land

by J.MortonBoyd (Author), IanL.Boyd (Author), J.MortonBoyd (Author), I.L.Boyd (Author)


This work spans the natural and human history of the Hebrides. Created from The Hebrides - a Natural History , this volume - the first in a trilogy - deals with the geology, climate and variety of habitats on the islands. It also discusses how life is sustained in the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean by the harvesting of natural resources from the land and the sea. The interface between nature and man is examined in studies of agriculture, fisheries, forestries and minerals of the islands. In conclusion, the book looks to the future, and the potential propserity available from the innovations in technology and communications. Although each work within the trilogy complements the other two, they each stand as individual volumes.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 136
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Birlinn Ltd
Published: 01 Jan 2001

ISBN 10: 1874744556
ISBN 13: 9781874744559