Genesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom of Our Forgotten Ancestors

Genesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom of Our Forgotten Ancestors

by IanLawton (Author)


Brief Old Testament references to a former civilisation that was destroyed by the Flood have fascinated scholars for centuries, giving rise to exotic speculations ranging from the advanced technology of Atlantis through to extraterrestrial visitors. But it is only now that one British researcher's ten-year quest has brought together the entire body of accounts of an antediluvian race from across the globe - from the ancient texts of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece and Scandinavia, to the sacred traditions of indigenous peoples from the Americas, Africa, Indonesia and Australasia. This is the result of that painstaking quest, and its conclusions are unlike anything you have read before. Like other notable revisionist historians, Ian Lawton argues that our forebears were far more culturally advanced than has been previously believed - to the extent that they built sizeable settlements and navigated the oceans to trade. He backs up this belief with tantalising evidence from archaeology. Yet the most significant common theme uniting the ancient traditions is that our 'forgotten race' was originally highly spiritual but became increasingly obsessed with the material world before it perished in a global catastrophe - which geological and other evidence suggests occurred around 11,500 years ago.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 388
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Virgin Books
Published: 10 Jul 2003

ISBN 10: 1852270284
ISBN 13: 9781852270285

Author Bio
Ian Lawton was born in 1959. His first book, Giza: The Truth (Virgin Books, 1999) co-authored with Chris Ogilvie-Herald, sold over 20,000 copies and gained widespread acclaim. He has a growing reputation for thorough scholarship and an innovative approach to revisionist history, and has lectured about his work extensively in both the UK and US.