Letter to an Influential Atheist

Letter to an Influential Atheist

by RogerSteer (Author)


Dear Professor Dawkins, Your books have been extraordinarily influential even in the minds of thousands of people who've never read them. I decided to write this letter to you after reflecting on perhaps the most famous sentence you have ever written. (From Chapter 1); Challenging Richard Dawkin's claim that the mystery of our existence has been 'solved' by Darwin's theory of evolution, Roger Steer looks at 'life, the universe and everything' in this highly imaginative letter to an influential atheist. From the mystery that Darwin and Wallace set out to solve, to the theory of evolution and its implications for today, Roger Steer examines this influential theory against the blueprint of God's purpose, plans and design for us. Christian or non-Christian, this fictional letter presents a compelling case for a belief in God that will spark discussion and debate, regardless of whether Dawkins responds or not.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Authentic Lifestyle
Published: Jul 2003

ISBN 10: 1850784787
ISBN 13: 9781850784784

Author Bio
Roger Steer is a trustee of the Bible Society and a tutor both for the University for Industry and the Methodist Church's Faith and Worship training programme. He is also the author of Man in Christ.