The Woman of the Forest (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)

The Woman of the Forest (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)

by Betty Swinford (Author), SWINFORDBETTY (Author)


Jordan's parents have become Christians so he reckons that his life is ruined! He decides to leave Arizona and run away to Los Angeles.

However, Jordan doesn't plan things that well and ends up off-road... in a stolen car... in the middle of a blizzard! His plans go from bad to worse as he ends up stuck in the forest with a strange old woman, her dog and (worst of all) no computer!

The woman may have saved his life... but there's something different about her. Should Jordan be afraid - or is she just a harmless old woman of the forest?



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Edition: Revised edition
Publisher: CF4Kids
Published: 21 Jan 2005

ISBN 10: 1845500342
ISBN 13: 9781845500344

Author Bio
Betty Swinford first began to write when she was only eight years old using an old toy type-writer. After over thirty years in evangelistic work she spent most of her time writing books and teaching an adult Sunday school class. She lived in the mountains of northern Arizona until her death in 2007.