The Occupation: War and Resistance in Iraq

The Occupation: War and Resistance in Iraq

by PatrickCockburn (Author)


In March 2003, Patrick Cockburn traveled secretly to Iraq just before the invasion, and has covered the war from Baghdad ever since. In The Occupation , Cockburn describes the fighting on the ground as Saddam Hussein's armies collapsed, the looting of Baghdad, the failure of the US occupation, the emergence of the resistance into uprising. Explaining how the three main Iraqi communities-the Kurds, the Shia and the Sunni-responded to the growing conflict, Cockburn paints a nuanced portrait of daily life in Baghdad under siege.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Publisher: Verso Books
Published: 26 Sep 2006

ISBN 10: 1844671003
ISBN 13: 9781844671007

Media Reviews
The picture of the last eight years that emerges is among the most coherent and accessible of any book on Iraq to date. - New York Times A clear, lively, well-researched narrative... Rich in information and atmosphere. - The Nation Indispensable. - Publishers Weekly
Author Bio
Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for The Independent, has been visiting Iraq since 1978. He was awarded the 2005 Martha Gellhorn prize for war reporting. He is the author of The Broken Boy, a memoir, and, with Andrew Cockburn, Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein.