Chapter War: No. 4 (Soul Drinkers)

Chapter War: No. 4 (Soul Drinkers)

by Ben Counter (Author)


Having stabilised their gene-seed, and brought a halt to their mutation, the Soul Drinkers start rebuilding their Chapter with new recruits. But the recruits have their own ideas - rather than protect the Imperium, they wish to wage war against it. With the Imperial forces and the Inquisition closing in on the renegade Chapter, can Sarpedon rally his troops to face the true enemy?


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Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 416
Edition: 1
Publisher: The Black Library
Published: 02 Apr 2007

ISBN 10: 1844164586
ISBN 13: 9781844164585

Author Bio
Ben Counter is fast becoming one of Black Library's most popular authors. An Ancient History graduate and avid miniature painter, he lives near Portsmouth, England.