Spindrift: The Coyote Series: Book Four

Spindrift: The Coyote Series: Book Four

by Allen M . Steele (Author)


Earth and its young colony Coyote have a difficult relationship, yet together they must face the astonishing truth that mankind is no longer alone ...

The starship Robert E. Lee is bearing a controversial cargo on its return to earth: the only surviving crew of the EASS Galileo. This ship and all aboard it vanished decades previously, while examining an apparently alien artefact.

As John Shillinglaw, director general of the European Space Agency, waits nervously for the vessel to dock, he ponders the mystery. Theodore Harker, 1st Officer; Jared Ramirez, astrobiologist; and Emily Collins, pilot; have been missing for fifty-six years. Where have they been ... and why have they come back now?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Edition: paperback / softback
Publisher: Orbit
Published: 07 Jun 2007

ISBN 10: 1841496006
ISBN 13: 9781841496009
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Media Reviews
An homage to wonder, hope and determinism * Stephen Baxter *
Allen Steele is always good, and COYOTE is one of his very best * Kevin J. Anderson *
The discovery of a new world is one of SF's most potent themes, and Steele handles it well * Publishers Weekly *
Heinlein would approve * Locus *
Author Bio
Allen Steele was born in Nashville, Tennessee and was a journalist before turning to science fiction. He is a two-time winner of the Hugo Award in the novella category. Allen lives with his wife, Linda, in Whately, Massachusetts.