Dragonmaster 2: Knighthood Of The Dragon

Dragonmaster 2: Knighthood Of The Dragon

by Chris Bunch (Author)


When he first dreamed of riding a dragon to war, Hal Keilas was laughed at. Yet the war between the kingdoms of Deraine, Sagene and Roche compelled a solution daring beyond their people's wildest dreams. Now Hal and his comrades have unleashed the power of the dragons and have driven their enemies before them. The might of Roche lies unbroken but Hal, the Dragonmaster, knows that the war and the killing have only begun. In the sequel to the enthralling STORM OF WINGS, Hal finds himself pitted against a foe that not even a flight of dragons may be able to destroy.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 414
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Orbit
Published: 01 May 2003

ISBN 10: 1841491950
ISBN 13: 9781841491950

Author Bio
Chris Bunch is a Vietnam veteran and served as a patrol commander and combat correspondent for Stars and Stripes. He has written for the underground press, outlaw motorcycle magazines and Rolling Stone.