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Food writer Nigel Slater turns his enthusiasm for the pleasures of eating to the pleasures of drinking fresh juices. His book, full of recipes and advice, celebrates the pleasures to be gained from the "nectar of the gods". He explains that once you reconcile yourself to cleaning your juicer you're hooked: the benefits of a glass of fruit and vegetable juice can be felt almost immediately. In this collection of juicing ideas, he suggests elegant combinations (pear and watercress), comforting old favourites (banana, milk & honey), and clean-tasting, revitalising ideas (pineapple mint shake). For Slater, the health benefits - which are clearly explained - are an added bonus, a "glorious freebie".



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Published: 05 Jun 2002

ISBN 10: 1841157686
ISBN 13: 9781841157689

Media Reviews
PRAISE FOR APPETITE: 'Nigel is a bloody genius.' Jamie Oliver 'The pick of the bunch is Nigel Slater's APPETITESlater has made this a something-for-everyone feast, bubbling with ideas, suggestions, hints and personal opinions that genuinely help you to make your own mind up about how and what to cook.' The Times 'I am getting fed up with writing nice things about Nigel Slater's books. Why can't the fellow be human like the rest of us and do something duff for a change? Perhaps because he's a genius.' Matthew Fort, Guardian 'Slater remains the reigning champion, a writer incapable of uninspiring sentences. Reading Slater is always a prelude to rushing off to the shops and cookingit's no exaggeration to say that Appetite is an instant classic.' Daily Express
Author Bio
Nigel Slater is Britain's top food writer. His hugely popular columns and books have won him an enormous following for his direct, up-to-the-minute and delicious approach to food. He has written six books previously to this, has an award-winning column in The Observer and a regular column in The Sainsbury's Magazine.