Pimp Your Pet

Pimp Your Pet

by A . J . Martin (Author), RobSmith (Illustrator)


Does your pet have a secret yearning to be someone else for a day?When you look at Hammy the hamster merrily trotting on his wheel or Burt the budgie bashing ten bells out of his mirror, do you wonder what they might be daydreaming about? Perhaps Hammy thinks he's in training to take on Rocky or Burt is re-enacting Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver (You talkin' to me?). Pimp Your Pet contains all you need to unleash your furry friend's alterego, including simple cut-outs with tabs, and classic one-liners to help your pet get into character. With everything from gangsta' rapper get-ups to superhero kits to chose from, your pet will have more costume changes than Mr Benn. It's just for fun - to be taken with a huge doggy treat and a sensible number of horse pills!


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 96
Publisher: Summersdale
Published: 06 Oct 2008

ISBN 10: 1840247134
ISBN 13: 9781840247138

Author Bio
Anna wants to be pimped as Cato in the Pink Panther films, because she is quite small and can be vicious when provoked. Rob is a pimp.