Global Airlines: Competition in a Transnational Industry

Global Airlines: Competition in a Transnational Industry

by PatHanlon (Author)


Global Airlines presents an overview of the changing scene in the airline industry covering current issues of privatization, de-regulation and the emergence of transnational airlines. One of the leading academic authorities on the industry discusses and interprets topics such as: mergers and alliances; code-sharing, franchising and block spacing; increasing concentration; and changing patterns in the configuration of route networks. Global Airlines surveys airline companies around the world and the services they operate. This second edition includes: new material on airline alliances; updates to reflect recent developments; extended discussions of the major transatlantic alliance galaxies (the Star Alliance, the BA/American group, the KLM/Northwest group and the Delta/Swissair/Sabena group); greater space devoted to airports slots issue; deeper analysis of customer loyalty schemes and their implications for the future of airline competition; and a revised section on pro and anti-competitive effects of global airline groupings reflecting the intense focus that has been placed on this debate. It also includes: substantial expansion on final chapter to debate the pros and cons of various policy options both for airlines and competition authorities; and comparisons drawn with developments taking place in other industries, in particular the telecommunications industry. It draws on author's own research and is completely up-to-date. It is concerned only with current issues. Readers are given a forward-looking analysis of the coming shape of the industry in the next decade.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 295
Edition: 2
Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title
Published: 19 Oct 1999

ISBN 10: 0750643501
ISBN 13: 9780750643504
Book Overview: Draws on author's own research Completely up-to-date concerned only with current issues Readers are given a forward-looking analysis of the coming shape of the industry in the next decade.

Media Reviews
Reviews of first edition: The book is packed with facts and figures, draws on all the relevant literature, is up to date and, incidentally, contains a good bibliography. Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 3, No. 1 Loaded with interesting charts and tables, it offers a concise and readable survey of major trends among (and affecting) the world's international airlines. Air Transport, November 1998. Reviews of second edition: The writing style and layout in Global Airlines is clean and succint. It makes use of some excellent diagrams which, together with the text, dissect whole areas of business. Facts such as the relative size, strength and ownership of airlines are described without lengthy prose. ... Global Airlines brings a fresh approach and is not frightened to use examples and lessons from other industries to make a point. While the book is clearly centred on aviation, the author uses examples to explore general topics such as alliances, which enjoy an equal billing with aviation. Global Airlines is an instructive text that will stimulate students of business, policy makers and scholars alike. It cuts through the gloss, providing a true sense of the dynamism and logistical challenge that is today's global airline. Steve Bernard, MRAeS - The Aerospace Professional - Sept 2001.