by StephenLawhead (Author)


Eight million dollars for a special assignment, to report on the new colony of Empyrion, ten light-years from earth. How could Orion Treet refuse? But why had Cynetics Chariman Neviss gone to such lengths to track him down? There was little time to think. Within the hour Treet was on board the transport, hurtling through space with a handful of oddly-assorted companions. What they saw, streaking through the atmosphere, was a turquoise world, blue-green with vegetation, water and sky. A free and perfect world - or so it seemed. How could Treet know, when, what lay ahead? The Empyrion they had discovered was not the Empyrion they set out to find...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 912
Edition: First Thus
Publisher: Lion Books
Published: 23 Feb 1990

ISBN 10: 0732402034
ISBN 13: 9780745918723

Author Bio
STEPHEN LAWHEAD is the author of some 14 outstanding fantasy and science fiction novels, including The Dragon King Trilogy (Lion), The Song of Albion Trilogy (Lion), and Byzantium (HarperCollins). Sales of his books have reached over 2 million copies worldwide. An American, he moved to Britain to research Celtic mythology and is now living in Austria. website: www.stephenlawhead.com