Life And Meaning: A Philosophical Reader (Historical Association Studies)

Life And Meaning: A Philosophical Reader (Historical Association Studies)

by OswaldHanfling (Editor)


Life and Meaning surveys a variety of Philosophical answers to the question, What makes life worth living?' By collecting readings from a wide range of philosophical history it gives the various perspectives on the value and meaning of life. Aspects of life which appear to make it meaningless 9death, suffering, randomness) are seen in the light of their long and varied history in philosophical literature and are subjected to careful scrutiny. The texts chosen here pose these and related issues and offer various responses.

By careful selection and helpful editorial introduction Life and Meaning gives essential texts which provide the background to contemporary enquiries. Is self-realization a coherent ideal? Does it mean being true to our original nature (Rousseau) or to our potential as rational animals' (Aristotle)? Should we live according to our desires and in pursuit of happiness (Mill)? Should we appeal to a nature or essence' be rejected as bad faith?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 268
Edition: 1
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 15 Mar 2009

ISBN 10: 0631157840
ISBN 13: 9780631157847

Author Bio

Oswald Hanfling is Professor of Philosophy at the Open University. He is the author of Logical Positivism (1981) and The Quest for Meaning (1987) and the editor of Fundamental Problems in Philosophy (1980) and Essential Readings in Logical Positivism (1981), Witgenstein's Later Philosophy (1989).