Feminism, the State and Social Policy

Feminism, the State and Social Policy

by NickieCharles (Author)


This volume book develops a sociological analysis of how social movements interact with the state to bring about changes in social policy. It focuses on feminist social movements in Britain, the United States and Western Europe, exploring the demands they raised in the Sixties and Seventies and related areas of policy change. These include policies on equal pay and equal opportunities, poverty, domestic violence, abortion, sexuality, child care and the family. It shows that policy change relates to the nature of the state and socio economic development as well as to social movements.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Published: 09 Feb 2000

ISBN 10: 0333655567
ISBN 13: 9780333655566
Book Overview: 'Comparing social policy change, changes in the position of women and the activities of feminist social movements over the last three decades of the twentieth century in Britain, Europe and North America, this study explores the impact of feminist social movements on social policy. Dr Charles analyses the complex interaction between feminist social movements and the state, both on a theoretical and on a more practical, political level, and aims to assess to what extent the changes in the position of women over the last three decades are the result of feminist activities or arise merely from general economic and societal changes.' - International Review of Social History 'Charles deserves credit for presenting a complex set of issues with such clarity and for capturing the diverse ways in which feminist social movements have influenced social policy.' - Rose Gann, University of Central Lancashire, in Political Studies

Author Bio
NICKIE CHARLES is Reader in Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University College of Swansea. She is the author of two books - Women, Food and Families (with Marion Kerr) and Gender Divisions and Social Change - and has co-edited two others - Practising Feminism (with F. Hughes-Freland) and Gender, Ethnicity and Political Ideologies (with H. Hintjens).