Stern Men

Stern Men

by ElizabethGilbert (Author)


* John Irving meets Annie Proulx in a magical novel about love and rivalry among the lobster pots*Stern Men is set on two remote islands off the coast of Maine, where for generations the lobstermen have fought territorial wars. Their unlikely saviour is eighteen-year-old Ruth Thomas, a smart, resilient, irredeemably romantic woman who avoids her destiny with a passion that serves only to draw her deeper into it.Ruth is obstinately determined to throw her education overboard and join the 'stern men' who work the lobster boats. She spends her days drifting among the island's eccentric residents: the lovable Mrs Pommeroy and her various deadbeat sons; Senator Simon, determined to make a museum of his arcane mudflat finds; and Simon's twin brother, Angus Addams, the most ruthless lobsterman alive. Only when Ruth meets a silent young Adonis from the rival island, a preternaturally gifted fisherman named Owney Wishnell, does she realize that the lobster walls, and a whole lot else, has got to change.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Publisher: Picador
Published: 25 Aug 2000

ISBN 10: 0330480901
ISBN 13: 9780330480901

Author Bio
Elizabeth Gilbert was born in Connecticut in 1969. She is the author of several collections of short stories, a novel and a biography. She is also a prolific journalist, contributing to many publications including GQ and The New York Times magazine.