by David Frost (Author)


Published to satisfy the massive renewed interest in Sir David Frost's astounding feat of journalism following the huge success of the eponymous West End and Broadway play, "Frost/Nixon" tells the extraordinary story of how Frost pursued and landed the biggest fish of his career. When he first conceived the idea of interviewing Richard Nixon and trying to bring the ex-President to confront his past, he was told on all sides that the project would never get off the ground. Nobody believed that Nixon would agree to Frost's editorial control, or even to talk about Watergate at all. Yet in the end the project succeeded, and the series drew larger audiences than any news programme ever had in the United States, before being shown all over the world.Including hilarious tales of the people he encountered along the way and fascinating insights into the making of the television series itself, this is Sir David's own story of his pursuit of disgraced ex-President Richard Nixon one that is no less revealing of his own toughness and pertinacity than of the ex-President's elusiveness. Frost provides an account of the only public trial that Nixon will ever have, and a revelation of the man's character as it appeared in the stress of eleven gruelling sessions before the cameras. Fully revised and updated with historical perspective, and including transcripts of the edited interviews, "Frost/Nixon" describes Sir David Frost's quest to produce one of the most dramatic pieces of television ever broadcast.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Edition: Main Market
Publisher: Macmillan
Published: 10 Sep 2007

ISBN 10: 0230531148
ISBN 13: 9780230531147

Author Bio
Sir David Frost is the only person to have interviewed the last seven presidents of the United States and the last six prime ministers of Great Britain. He has received all the major television awards, twice winning the Emmy Award for The David Frost Show in the US as well as the BAFTA Fellowship in the UK, British television's highest honour. He lives in London, Hampshire and on British Airways.