Oxford Literacy Web: Non-fiction Year 1

Oxford Literacy Web: Non-fiction Year 1

by Mal Peet (Author)


"The Oxford Literacy Web" is an exciting new literacy programme designed to guide schools successfully through the primary years. Fitting the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy, National Curriculum in England and Wales, English Language 5-14 in Scotland, and Common Curriculum in Northern Ireland, the "Oxford Literacy Web" guides pupils through the core skills associated with learning to read and write with a diverse range of literary styles within the genres of fiction, non-fiction, rhymes, language, and poetry. The "Non-Fiction" strand is a series of colourful, lively information books. They can be used to teach valuable information retrieval and research skills, and they enable children to learn to read and write a range of different text types. The books can be used with children at different levels of reading ability for shared reading with the teacher, guided reading, or independent reading. The "Year 1 Non-Fiction" books are designed to be used with children of 4-6 years. They present a range of text types on two popular infant topics (toys and animals). The books are available in both standard and 'big book' format. "Keep Your Hamster Happy" gives instructions on looking after a pet hamster.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 24
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 04 Feb 1999

ISBN 10: 019915564X
ISBN 13: 9780199155644