Mother Tongue: The English Language

Mother Tongue: The English Language

by Bill Bryson (Author)


How did English, 'treated for centuries as the inadequate and second-rate tongue of peasants' become the undisputed global language? How did words like shampoo, sofa and rowdy (and others drawn from over fifty languages) find their way into our dictionary? In this revealing and often hilarious book, Bill Bryson examines the mother tongue and explores the countless varieties of English and the perils of marketing brands with names like Pschitt and Super Piss. With entertaining sections on the oddities of swearing and spelling, spoonerisms and Scrabble, and a consideration of what we mean by 'good English', "Mother Tongue" is one of the most stimulating books yet written on this endlessly engrossing subject.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 29 Jul 1999

ISBN 10: 014014305X
ISBN 13: 9780140143058

Author Bio
Bill Bryson was born in 1951 in Iowa but lived in the UK for many years working as a sub-editor before becoming an international bestselling writer with books such as The Lost Continent and Notes from a Small Island. He now lives in New England with his wife and four children.