Time Management 24/7: How to Double Your Effectiveness

Time Management 24/7: How to Double Your Effectiveness

by SimonPhillips (Author), SimonPhillips (Author)


Traditional time management techniques are no longer sufficient in our 24/7 economy. In offering advice on how to identify and focus on your priorities in life, change your behavior and get the most out of electronic tools, this book shows you how to lead a more balanced life. Find out whether your life is in balance - try the author's special online test!



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
Published: 01 Aug 2002

ISBN 10: 007709963X
ISBN 13: 9780077099633

Media Reviews
'Most of us are aware of time slipping away but so few of us seem to know what to do about it. This book provides the tools to bring the future we hoped to have to life.' Gareth Ford, Training and Development Manager, WS Atkins Plc 'Time Management 24/7, is an excellent and practical guide that will help anyone in business juggle their professional and personal priorities and win in both areas of their life. Make time to read it!' David Clinton, Managing Partner, Accenture. 'I am no expert on 'time' but found the book thought provoking and interesting. It has given me 'tools' and 'technologies' that I will explore personally and in the development of others.' Ben Mosley, People Development Manager, easyJet Airline.
Author Bio
Simon Phillips is the Director of Simesco Ltd - a training & consultancy company which helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals, improve their Work Life Balance and maximize virtual team performance - www. simesco.co.uk. He is a former consultant with Andersen Consulting and has worked across many industries throughout the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. He has worked with Accenture, Barclays Bank, EasyJet, Lloyds TSB, UK Government, Shell, Eskom, Unilever and United Utilities. The book is based on his Digital Time Management course. He writes a regular column for the Simesco website Time / Life Tips and writes a guest diary for Lloyds TSB's business web site - www.success4business.co.uk